TMAS Ms Sign Away 7916E ET

Registration Number: 3764775
Date of Birth: April 07, 2017
Sire: Six Mile Signature 295B
Dam: TMAS Ms Strawberry 514C

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SUTH Conchetta Chica 733F

Registration Number: 3937663
Date of Birth: February 12, 2018
Sire: Fischer Kodiak 538
Dam: SUTH Conchetta 9128

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H/H Lakota 1129

Registration Number: 4455059
Date of Birth: March 28, 2021
Sire: H/H EEG Stealth 9122
Dam: Red U2 Lakota 361G

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H/H Drama Queen 0152

Registration Number: 4308515
Date of Birth: February 22, 2020
Sire: Six Mile John Wick 882E
Dam: CTRH Drama Queen 653D

Queen is a farm favorite for many reasons. A flush mate to the reining 2022 National Champion Red Angus Female. This female has it all, Bone for days, Balance, Performance, and Pedigree.

She will head strait to the donor pen after her first calf is on the ground. Contact us for embryo opportunities.

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9 Mile Dina 4012-8134

Registration Number: 3950819
Date of Birth: January 23, 2018
Sire: 5L Blockade 2218-30B
Dam: Pie Dina 4012

Dina is huge topped, massive middled, and freak fronted. One of the most successfully campaigned 5L Blockade daughters to date winning numerous banners including Reserve Champion Female at the 2019 Red Western Classic.

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TBJR Lana 403

Registration Number: 1671251
Date of Birth: January 2, 2014
Sire: LSF Herdbuilder 1058Y
Dam: KCC Lana Z2

Lana 403 has massive rib, overall thickness, amazing structure, and fluid movement plus ranks in the top 1-6% % for GM, WW, YW, ADG, HPG, CW along with top 16-19% for Milk, Marbling and REA. 403’s dam has a MPPA of 103, MGDam has a MPPA of 107.

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TBJR Miss Sensation 407

Registration Number: 1671245
Date of Birth: January 16, 2014
Sire: LSF Boxed Beef 9063W
Dam: SRR Miss Sensation 12

Proven Outcross Donor – TBJR Miss Sensation 407 was the selection of the 2019 Pick of the Boot Jack Donors @ the Mile High Classic. Miss Sensation 407 has 4 Natural & 23 ET calves registered to her to date. 407’s productive dam has a 102 MPPA, her MGDam has a MPPA of 107, her MGGDam has a MPPA of 98, and her MGGGDam has a MPPA of 110! 407’s outcross maternal lineage stacks outcross sires of Future Direction, EXT, Energizer back to a red cow out straight black parentage. 407 is leader for performance [205=689#/365=1117#], EPDs in the top 1-10% of the breed for GM, HPG, Marb, CW, and REA, scan data of 7.12 marbling and 11.54 REA!

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C-Bar-RJ Stony 818F

Registration Number: 3942681
Date of Birth: January 13, 2018
Sire: 5L Independence 560-298Y
Dam: C-Bar-RJ Stony 659D

Stony 818F has tremendous eye appeal with soundness and balance. A past BJR Donor, she is an exciting new addition to our donor pen. Her MGdam [W909] is a full sister to W914 [that produced Eldorado 114Z & Legit 133E that scanned a 10.23 Marbling] & W928 [that produced the picture females of A302 & A305 that we all admired @ C-Bar]. Embryos from these mentioned donors have demanded up to $3,000/embryo. Stony 818F MGGGDam [BJR Ms Stony 4X-516] produced a past National Champion Female. If you want a cow family that can produce type for the show ring and are profitable genetics in the sale ring, look no further.

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SLGN 738T Eve 719E

Registration Number: 3705485
Date of Birth: January 7, 2017
Sire: Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U
Dam: SLGN Peekaboo's Tedi 738T

Eve is a Meadow-West Peek-A-Boo granddaughter out of Cowboy Cut 26U, that we purchased from the Solution Genetics dispersal in 2017. She is super feminine while still being bold topped, middled, and sound.

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SLGN Adina’s Gigi 9343G

Registration Number: 4137604
Date of Birth: February 3, 2019
Sire: PZC TMAS Firebolt 3397A
Dam: 5L Adina 893-4039

Gigi, on a big hoof, combines power with flexibility which can be hard to come by in any breed.

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